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Synthetic Rubber Lab
Synthetic Rubber Research Lab belongs to SANVO refined R & D center, set in the Headquarters. The team consists of 3 members, including 1 director and engineer, 1 senior Engineer, 1 experimenter. Equipped with world-class R & D equipment at present. The main advanced equipments that included Gas Chromatograph, Computer Type Material Tension Tester, Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Machine, Hot and Cold Hedge Testing Machine, Rotary Viscosimeter, Shore Durometer, Provide solid hardware support for R & D products. The Lab is mainly engaged in neoprene adhesive, SBS adhesive, nail free glue, liquid sealant and two-component acrylic adhesive and other adhesive products of the new product research and development, product improvement, exception handling and quality maintenance.
Under persistent innovation, the Research Lab has published 18 Professional Papers in the authority of the publications, which included Study on Storage Stability of Second - Generation Acrylic Adhesive, The Development of Environmentally Friendly SBS Universal Glue, Discussion on Influencing Factors of Tensile Shear Strength of Chloroprene Adhesive, Study on Modification of NM - Al2O3 by Second - Generation Two - Component Acrylate Adhesive, and so on. Successfully applied for 8 patented product licenses. Participation in the drafting of China Standard interior wall decoration light Free nail glue boards, presided over the establishment of Guangdong Province local standards Aqueous Chloroprene Rubber Adhesive.

Architectural Coatings Research Institute
Architectural Coatings Research Institute was founded in 2001, equipped with an engineer and an experimenter. Currently Mingyi Chen served as director of the institute, who has a senior engineer title. Institute responsibles for new product research, introduction and digestion of new technologies, new products, new technology, new equipment, and providing technical support for the production, form and maintain technological advantages and technical support of the company.
Architectural coatings research institute is mainly engaged in interior wall latex paint, exterior wall latex paint, oil wall paint, stone paint and other four aspects of product research. Laboratory equipped with QUV accelerated aging tester, scrub resistance tester, stormer viscometer, The natural aging test field, Dispersion machine, spectrophotometer, computer color matching machine and other testing equipment more than 100 sets, established research cooperation with the national paint products quality supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), Beijing Institute of Technology, Guilin University of Technology and other authoritative institutions. Research Institute has published 22 papers in various professional and technical journals, applied for 14 patents, of which 4 were officially authorized by the state. 4 new products were identified as the provincial high-tech products by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department. Undertook and completed an industrial research project of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department (project number: 2009A010300002), a research project of Zhong Shan city (project number: 2010cxy017) and a provincial science and technology projects in Guangdong Province (project number 2013B090500077). The institute perennially provides graduation practice guide for the Guangdong Pharmaceutical College, Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and Technology, Shunde Vocational and Technical College graduates.

Aerosol Research Institute Introduction
Sanvo Aerosol Research Institute is affiliated with SANVO R & D center and member of Aerosol Committee of China Packaging Federation. The R&D team has included 9 team members, such as 2 Engineers, 2 Assistant Engineers, 3 Experimenters, 2 Colour Matching Technicians, the team is mainly engaged in Aerosol products'development, improvement, exception handling and quality maintenance, such as Aerosol Spray Paint, Fine Aerosols, OEM, Spray Wax etc.
R & D center has equipped many advanced experimental equipments, such as Gas Chromatograph, Multi-Function Blender, Ultrapaure Water Polishing System, Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber, Hot and Cold Shock Testing Machine, Rotatory Viscometer, Shore Durometer, Heavy Metals Measuring Instrument, Analytical Balance, Electronic Scale, Manual Sealing Machine, Experimental Semi-automatic Inflator.
Aerosol Research Institute owns advanced research and develops strength, it has moved a long way, particularly in scientific research Input and independent innovation over many years, and has successfully developed new high-tech product--Eco-friendly Anti-microbial Polish, also invented more than 13 items of licensed products, such as Graffiti spray paint, Auxiliary Spraying tool of Aerosol Paint, Eco-friendly Low Temperature Starting Agent etc. There have more than 30 papers which are belong to Aerosol Institute have been published in Aerosol industry journals.

Wood Paint Research Institute
Wood Paint Research Institute belongs to SANVO R & D center, there are senior engineers and technical personnel, a total of six professionals. Research areas include PU wood paint (polyurethane paint), PE wood paint (unsaturated polyester paint), NC wood paint (nitrocellulose lacquer). The application relates to stickers office furniture, civil solid wood furniture, hotel suites furniture, commercial showcase and wooden doors and other painting industry. Institute adheres to the "strict quality,high reputation" quality objectives, and constantly strengthen the management and technological innovation, made wood paint products and quality of production on a new level.
Wood Paint Research Institute was developed by the Preparatory Group of Decorative Paint, which was established in 2001, In the process of development, not only introduce professional engineers constantly to expand team, but also update research equipment. The Institute has introduced Gas chromatograph, ability dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Stormer Viscometer, adhesion tester, pencil hardness tester, impact tester, gloss meter, elastic tester and other equipment, team R & D strength has been rapidly improved, The Institute has been published 16 papers in the paint industry, Chinese coatings, modern coatings and coatings and other journal successively, and 5 patents has been authorized.

Oil Research Institute
SANVO Chemical R & D Center Oil Institute was founded in 2008, there are materials research project group and product application research project group. 1 institute director, 2 engineers, 4 experimenters, and perennial external industry experts as a consultant.
Oil Research Institute is mainly engaged in lubricating oil (car oil and industrial oil), grease, motor vehicle brake fluid and antifreeze and other four aspects of product research. The laboratory is equipped with low viscosity, viscosity, low dynamic viscosity, ultrasonic shear, evaporation loss, pour point meter and other various types of testing equipment more than 100 sets, and with the National Petroleum Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing), the National Petroleum Chemical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), Beijing Institute of Technology, Afton chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established on the cooperation between the authorities, joined China Petroleum Industry Association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Specialized Committee, China Lubricating Grease Association Technical Committee and China Automotive Engineering society. At present, the research institute has made a number of patented technologies, and other core journals published nearly twenty papers. A number of products have been identified as high-tech products in Guangdong province, the project was awarded the 2015 Zhongshan science and technology project award.

Silicone Research Institute Introduction
SANVO refined silicone research located in the group's FV Production Base, a total of 7 team members, including 2 world-class engineers, 5 technicians. R & D Engineer with more than 20 years of technical experience, all the members of the laboratory are bachelor degree or above, mainly engaged in the new product development, product improvement, exception handling and quality maintenance, such as glass glue, gasket glue, silica gel, etc.; Wood furniture industry; Transportation and Machinery Industry; Electronic and Mechanical Industry; Solar and Photovoltaic Industries; Production of Silicone Materials and other industries.
The Institute is equipped with gas chromatograph, digital whiteness meter, halogen moisture analyzer, distillation test machine, tensile testing machine and cutting machine, extrusion testing machine, hardness tester, temperature yellowing resistance test machine, strong dispersion machine, glue machine, vacuum kneading machine etc. the international flow of professional equipment, The natural weathering test, from raw materials to finished products using effect, to control the entire process, and strive to meet the needs of the market development of high quality products. The Institute has been awarded 4 new and high technology products in Guangdong Province, and has applied for a total of 8 items of scientific research projects, with a total of 4 patent applications, and a total of 2 patents: One component of high temperature resistant silicone sealant (200810091446.4), A single high temperature resistant silicone sealant (201010560756.3), Storage light-emitting silicone sealant (200910145373.7), Nano - neutral silicone sealant (20081013093); Published 9 papers in the authoritative magazine.

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