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Development History
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1993: Raising funds to build, started business with liquid sealant in SHUNDE City.

1994: Establish “SHUNDE DALIANG SANHE Horizontal Goods Factory”.
          Automatic Spray Paints put into production.
          Sat November 8th as the anniversary of the founding the factory.

1995: Joint stock and establish "SHUNDE SANHE Industrial Co., Ltd.".
          Set up 16 Sales offices around China. The main industry is auto parts accessories.

1996: Business errors, morale, forced to convertible shares, business fell into the trough.

1997: Self-Product paints & AB strong glue;
          Successful application of "SANVO" trademark, and SANVO CI available.

1998: Change the marketing idea, revoke sales office, diverted to agency; Implement CI strategy.

1999: Neoprene Adhesive put in production, Involved the house care industry.
          Hold advanced seminars to explore the direction of development.

2000: Move the production plant to ZHONGSHAN.

2001: Zhongshan production base trial production;
          Production, technology, QC of three powers.

2002: Establish "Zhongshan SANVO aerosol Co., Ltd.".
          Decoration paint independent research and development success, open technical positions; Human resources implementation of "Campus Beauty" program.

2003: Introduce "Corporate culture", Implement knowledge management;
          Pass a number of ISO certificates and ten ring logo certificate.

2004: PU wood paints series products pass the national "3C compulsory certification".
          Accessories department, Paint department, Auxiliary department Emerge as the times require, three departments run neck and neck.
          Obtain" China Enterprise Culture Construction Advanced Unit "honor;

2005: The United States SANVO Chemical Technology Group was founded;
          Establish the Export Trade Department. The products sell into the international market.

2006: Passed ISO9001, ISO14001 certification;
          Put CCTV advertising, won the "CCTV Brand" award.

2007: As one of the main drafting unit of "Aerosol Paint Industry" standard;
          Implement 6S management, was awarded as "Safe Production Work Advanced Units" by the provincial security inspection bureau.
          Established the party branch.

2008: SANVO Paints and Glue was selected as the 2008 National Olympic Sports Center special products.
          Lubricating oil Successful listed;
          "Accessories Division" upgraded as "Car care products division";
          Award "City Engineering Technology Research and Development Center";
          Company Crown province name as "Guangdong SANVO Chemical Industry Technology ltd."

2009: Exterior and interior Synthetic resin emulsion paints award "A famous Chinese Trademark", "High tech Enterprise",

          "Guangdong Private Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate" and other honors; 

          The high and low modulus silicone sealant award "Adopting International Standard Product Mark" certification; 

          Pass the United States AQA international quality certification company ISO9001, ISO14001 certification ", "3C national           mandatory product certification", "China ISO14025 international standard for environmental signs", "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification".

2010: "SANVO paint" won "China's top ten leading brands in the paint industry" title;
          Named Zhongshan City Huangpu Chamber of Commerce vice president of units;
          Won the "100 best examples of Zhongshan" reputation;
          Cooperation with Jiangxi science and technology Normal University,establish training base;
          Obtained 4 patents.

2011: 6 series products: One-component high temperature silicone sealant, Computer color paint, Antimicrobial polish, Nano anti-fungus neutral silicone sealant, Graffiti Paints, Imitation metal fluorocarbon paint, won the title of high-tech products in Guangdong Province in 2010.
         Win "China Paints top ten brands".

2012: Participate in drafting standards of JC/T2083-2011 and JC/T2082-2011;
          Obtained 7 patents for invention.

2013: Found 5 centers, 4 plant bases, implement group control;
          Successfully expanded 2 production bases, which named the NSD production base and cenhe production base;
          Cooperated with PPG Industry Group;
          Obtained 8 patents for invention.

2014: Start OA office automation system;
          Install PPG automatic production line;
          Start Bar code system;Successfully passed the ISO external audit.

2015: Start Oracle (Jia Guwen) JDE enterprise resource planning ERP management system project;
          Finish 420 expansion project;
          Move SANVO marketing system to SK bases, establish Group Marketing Headquarters.

2016: The 5th production bases held the ground breaking ceremony celebration;
          Expansion SV production bases;
          Resin production and synthetic rubber production made upgrading.

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    Add: Dacen Industrial Park, Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Provice, China
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