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SV Production Base Introduction
Guangdong SANVO Chemical Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as SV Base), located in the city of Zhongshan Huangpu Town Da Cen Industrial Zone, founded in April 2002, mainly engaged in the production and sale of chemical products, chemical raw materials, water-based coatings, lubricants and other chemical products and cargo import and export business.
Base covers an area of 10000 square meters, the total number of existing staff of 300 people, management staff of 20 people. It is mainly divided into the production department, the functional management department and the Synthetic Rubber Research Institute and the Aerosol Research Institute. At present, the main points of base are paint, all-purpose adhesive, potting three workshops, using "6S" management, quality management, implementing regional team management in the production area, improving production efficiency and ensuring the safe operation; established the company level fire brigade, to ensure the safety of production and assets.
SV Base pays attention to the quality of personnel and training, using CPI and KPI double performance mechanism, using the theory of "breakthrough, breakthrough management, technology breakthrough to actively carry out clean production, is committed to providing a clean and safe work environment and generous remuneration for employees; operating in good faith as the fundamental, to ensure the suppliers and distributors to obtain reasonable profits.



Aerosol Production Line Introduction
Aerosol Production Line mainly includes Paint, Potting Two workshops, Dozens of production lines. Paint workshop is mainly responsible for painting and coloring, producting paint remover, aerosol paint. Potting workshop divided into 5 classes, classes A,B,C,D and Comprehensive class, packaging aerosol. Paint production workshop: The daily output of feeding group 65t, monthly capacity 1800t.Potting workshop capacity: Hand painted daily output of 30 thousand cartons, fine products, 6300 cartons, PPG foreign trade products 1500 cartons, monthly production capacity of about 770 thousand cartons, the annual production capacity of up to 85 million cans. Production of hundreds of colors, meet the needs of mass customization. The introduction of international advanced equipment, Increase productivity, Reduce energy consumption, Improve production environment, Achieve cleaner production and safe production.


SK Base Introduction
Guangdong SANVO Holdings Co., Ltd (SK Base), is one of the major production bases of SANVO Group, founded in 2013, located in Zhongshan city, Nantou town, mainly responsible for silicone rubber (such as glass glue, glue, anaerobic adhesives, free honeymoon gaskets etc.), the snow for packaging and sales; lubricants, lubricating oil research and development, production, packaging and sales etc. SK Base covers an area of 62606.7㎡, has been using the storage area of 8731㎡, 630㎡ yard finished allotment of silicone rubber production, an area of 5275㎡, 7043.1㎡ of lubricant workshop, the project late in construction. The use of advanced "N 3" production, improve production planning and smooth, to ensure the smooth completion of orders, delivery on time, In the aspect of quality management, we have a series of precision instrument development and testing.
SK Base to "shape the world's strong brand" as the business objectives, Response to the group's "long-term, common interests, integrity, solid" business philosophy, In good faith as the fundamental management, always adhere to the "safe production, strict quality, reputation", Continuous efforts to reduce costs in order to maintain a reasonable product price, Provide customers with orders quickly and accurately to ensure that suppliers and vendors gain reasonable profit.



Lubricant Production Line Introdution
Lubricant Production Line consists of 12 base liquid storage tanks, 12 harmonic reactors, the 2 groups of heating system, 33 Semi finished product storages, 2 automated canning system, of five system components.
The total design capacity of the lubricant is an annual output of 30000 tons, the total design capacity of the brake fluid is an annual output of 5000 tons, the production line is divided into three parts: the production of lubricating oil, filling production line and brake fluid production, filling production line. Lubricating oil production line and gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, motorcycle oil, vehicle gear oil, automatic transmission fluid and other vehicles oil production and filling, can also carry out all kinds of industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, industrial oil production and filling; brake fluid production line at the same time DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5 levels the whole synthetic brake fluid production and filling.


Synthetic Rubber Production Line
Synthetic Rubber Production Line mainly produces nail free glue, adhesive, sealant, anaerobic glue, AB glue. Decorative SBS, neoprene adhesive annual design production capacity of 7000 tons. By 4 buried solvent tank, 10 separate kettle, 1 packing kettle, the automatic feeding system is generated.
The "Two Step" production of sealants and nail free glue. The system consists of automatic feeding, pressing machine, the production line is composed of filling machine, the annual output of 3000 tons, with an annual output of 450 tons of anaerobic glue, AB glue.


FV Production Base Introduction
Guangdong FUVO Industrial Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as FV base), Located in Fusha town Zhongshan City, South Industrial Zone, covers an area of 47 acres, is the successful acquisition of the group in September 2011, "Zhongshan Poole Chemical Coatings Co., Ltd.", rename construction. FV the main production of organic silicone rubber and aerosol. Zhongshan City was identified as "3.28" Key Enterprise in 2013 by "3.28 Investment Attraction, Recruitment and Quiz Workshop" held by Zhongshan City.
The number of employees of FV Base of about 120 people, management staff of 15 people, 86% for tertiary education. Mainly divided into the office, the personnel department, production department, material control research department, equipment department, quality department, silicone, supply department, the Ministry of Commerce. The Base is mainly divided into two kinds of glue, pipe glue workshop, in the production workshop team management, the use of advanced "N3" scheduling system, strict implementation of "6S" management, the establishment of quality department, the implementation of ISO quality system for quality management, the establishment of a company level fire brigade, to ensure the safety of production and assets.
FV Base since its inception, Keep contract, Heavy credit, Continue to forge ahead, storm strongholds in defiance of difficulties, absorbing the domestic and foreign newest and most advanced technology, strict management, hard work, good quality products, In the industry in a leading position, welcomed by customers throughout the country, the products sell well all over the country, to the world, the local reputation as a quality income generating enterprises, tax payers.



Silicone production line introdution
2 advanced organic silicon production line, It is mainly made of glass glue and non - Gasket adhesive, glass glue, annual output of 10000 tons of structural adhesive, and an annual output of 1500 tons.
There are 64 varieties of glass glue, The largest sales there are 20, For example, acidic TB251, neutral TB751, Glue workshop: monthly production of cement 450 tons / month, Saturation capacity of 600 tons / month, Breakthrough capacity of 800 tons / month, in 2014 the introduction of advanced glass production line, with an annual output of about 6000 tons. The use of advanced "N+3" production, the production plan will be locked for 1 days, rolling for 3 days of "N+3" production, improve production planning and smoothness, to ensure that orders can be successfully completed, on time delivery; Strict implementation of the "6S" management, in glass glue, glue packing gasket areas people material diversion, save space, improve production efficiency and ensure the safe operation.


XV Base Introduction
Shunde Guangdong SANVO Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XV) was founded in 1998, is the SANVO group's second production base. The company is located in Xingtan town Shunde District of Foshan City, Specializing in the production of furniture paint, building paint, decoration paint and wood paint, adhesive, has a modern plant, covers an area of nearly more than 20 thousand square meters.
XV Base for many years has been relying on scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented business philosophy. Pay attention to environmental protection in line with the international theme, dedication to the society is non-toxic, non-benzene green products, in the same industry took the lead through the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification, to become a registered supplier of the United Nations, is the first to get the safety production license of enterprises. XV gathered the most authoritative experts paint and first-class technical force, with dozens of national research institutions and universities constitute a strong R & D system, the introduction of the European advanced automated production equipment and first-class testing equipment. From the world's leading suppliers of raw materials to buy raw materials, and DuPont, BASF and other established a good business partnership. XV is to create a professional furniture paint, building paint, paint, wooden paint decoration as a carrier for high-end furniture manufacturing industry and decoration industry Home Furnishing, adhere to the high-end brand positioning, innovation in science and technology for the enterprise core competitive advantage, accelerate international cooperation, and vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets, integration resources, and strive for high quality products dedicated to China, let the real connotation of the brand is "bear" business philosophy to implement China!


Building Coating, Wood Paint Production Line
Building Coating Production Line mainly produces internal and external wall latex paint, monthly average output of 1500 tons. Wood Paint Production Line mainly produces furniture paint, decoration paint, monthly production capacity of 600 tons, the full implementation of ISO quality management system, advanced tank level monitoring automation system is introduced, strengthen the safety management of storage tank, automatic turning cylinder system design installation, to ensure product quality stability, color computer advanced equipment, to achieve high efficiency automatic color, all day production workshop monitoring, to ensure the implementation of the production process.

MV Base Introduction
SANVO the subordinate company of Zhongshan city Minhe refined chemical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MV Base) was established in 2013, covers an area of about 96 acres, Zhongshan is the "328 key projects, investment projects in line with national industrial policy, the Zhongshan municipal government to vigorously support. The Base is located in the comprehensive chemical zone, is approved by the Guangdong provincial government, "12th Five-Year" focus on the development of the West Bank of the Pearl River is the largest professional chemical park, strategic location, convenient land and water transportation. Base planning mainly in the aerosol industry as the core, plan the annual output of about 500 million cans, committed to creating the industry as the most efficient, most high-quality aerosol spray paint manufacturing base, to build a world-class production base of environmental protection, advanced and efficient, and strive to achieve “SANVO painting, first in the world".


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